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Welcome To AFB Accountants

Why Should You Consider AFB?
We're not a large provincial or city firm. We're a dynamic firm based in Sherborne, blending the wide experience of our team with a fresh modern approach to the needs of your business.

What Makes Us Different?
We know that it is important to listen to you so we can fully understand your core needs and specific concerns. We take a genuine interest in your aspirations and demands in order for us to deliver the best service we can and gain the greatest benefits for you. Our work ethic incorporates traditional accountancy practice with a modern approach promising an effective and successful form of accountancy and business advice. >> more

What Can You Expect From Us?
The output that we deliver is informative, calculative and of course, personalised to meet your specific demands. We are aware that as an accountancy firm our working environment is completely different to that of our clients and we do not want you to feel monopolised by numbers and figures. We aim to provide an affable environment where you feel comfortable and satisfied

We aim to make our services professional and fair, and this includes our charges. We explain exactly what you pay for, each step of the way. We also make payment as easy as possible, providing fees in advance and flexible payment plans. Our main focus is to understand you and your businesses needs, to ensure that your requirements are met to the highest of standards and to assure that your business is supported, improved and above all successful.


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